The Artist

This is the official website of 
Rev. R.P.D. Hicks, Canadian Watercolor and Oils Artist and is a tribute to his life and talent. Percy was a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, which is Canada's oldest continuously operating art society. Original membership of this society includes painters, architects, sculptors, engravers and designers.

Despite my living on the other side of the Atlantic in England, I have fond memories of my Grandfather. He was a warm, affectionate, generous, kind, caring man with a wonderful sense of humour. 

Caricature of Rev. R.P.D.Hicks by the artist Ting  (pen name of Canadian Cartoonist & political caricaturist) Merle Tingley

Portrait painting of Rev. R.P.D.Hicks
D.F. Beultin  (Toronto 1944)

Percy Hicks 
Chaplain Anglican Church
Saskatoon Diocese

Canadian Army

Many thanks to everyone who has helped contribute  especially cousins Gord Smith and Jen McGibbon. 
Sara Hicks  (Oct 2003)