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Sharing Memories 2007- 2009

January 20th 2009John Ruff
Ennismore, Ontario
I was just looking at the pictures of your Grandfather's paintings and thought you might like a couple of additions.
These were painted in 1949 (one is dated October 12, 1949) and are scenes from Collingwood Ontario. I acquired them when I lived in London in the early 70s and they have been hanging in my vaious living rooms since then.
November 21st 2008
Barb (Hunt) Gilmore
Guelph, Ontario
My grandfather, Rev. Will Taylor, was the minister at the Dorchester United Church - right across the street from the Anglican Church, and in retirement, lived just a few doors down from the Hicks'.  Rev Hicks did a beautiful painting of the United Church which hung in my grandfather's home until his death in 1977.  Our family then donated it to the United Church and I believe it is displayed there to this day.

My parents also owned a Hicks painting.  It was done in the early spring/late winter (I'll have to look at it again to get the year) of a scene looking east on Hamilton Road just at the bend past what used to be Leitch's - about halfway between the Elgin Road and Putnam.  There is, in the distance, a house which I remember being pink at one time! In the painting it is yellow.  I'm not sure if it is even still there, but I always remember thinking as a kid when I saw it that we were halfway to Ingersoll  when my mother drove me to figure skating lessons there.  I have recently put the painting in temporary storage, as my father has just gone into Long Term Care, but I am hoping he'll be moved to a private room soon so I can re-hang it for him.  It is a cherished piece of home and familiarity for him.  Once it is re-hung I will try to take a photo of it and send it to you.

December 8th 2007
Dwain Bodkin  London , Ontario
Hi: I do have one of Rev. Hicks' paintings, and have always been impressed with his work. The reason being my wife and purchased his home in Old South London. I remember when we viewed his home the old desk in the kitchen, and the beautiful paintings. When we moved in there were hundreds of canvas stretchers in the basement. Even found the old crate that he shipped paintings to the National Art Gallery in Ottawa . Up in the garage I found an old painted on tin for sale sign. Not certain who the artist was but kept it.
October 17th 2007 

Linda Cooke   London, Ontario 
I grew up in Dorchester and attended St. Peters Anglican Church where I was confirmed by Reverend Hicks. I wanted a reminder of my younger days and I thought it would be nice to have a painting done by someone I personally knew. I am fortunate to have found 4 of his paintings, 2 of which are of the East Coast- Peggy's Cove, I believe. I have received many compliments about these. The other 2 are of the Dorchester area. They all hang in my home where everyone can admire and enjoy them.
January 12th 2007
Bruce Smith   
Niagara Falls , Canada
Sara, I can't tell you how nice it is to see such a tribute to Grandpa. Keep up the good work, and All the Best from this side of the pond.

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